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About Me

I’m Andrew Michael, on-air personality, Music Director, and Program Director for five radio stations in the South.  This is my little corner of the internet. Just a few cloud-based gigabytes floating around in the ether.  This site is, for the most part, a blog page for my afternoon radio show.  However, sometimes we’ll stretch the boundaries a bit, and we’ll discuss food, cars, or fun things to do.

Since I am a radio guy, and always looking for a few extra bucks, I’ve also posted some of my recent voice-over work.  Give it a listen.  I’d love to help your station out as another production voice, or voicetracking a shift.  Most of my 20+ year career has been in country and rock radio, and I can help your station develop the proper music mix for your audience.  Andrew Michael At The Basement In NashvilleI can also help your station with social media and web design.

Contact me and let’s talk.  I know what it’s like to work with a shoestring budget in a super small radio market.

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