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Radio Show Notes From March 29 2018

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Phone Scam Alert:  Con artists are calling local residents saying they’re going to be arrested for failing to appear in Federal Court.  They’re even using the real names of Adams County Sheriff’s deputies.  More details on the ACSO’s Facebook page.

Thursday’s storms left the a huge mess on parts of the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Take care if you’re driving on it this weekend.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana:  Family enlists 10-foot-long alligator to help with their gender reveal party.

Feel Good Story Of The Day:  Chihuahua mix rescued from a hoarding situation gives birth to 11 puppies.  Could be a new world record.


TBT:  Today in 1979, Johnny Cash records the western classic “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky” at Jack Clement’s studios in Nashville.  A few months later, he would perform it on The Muppet Show.


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