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Radio Show Notes from April 17 2018

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In case you missed it:


Messy:  Adams County needs a new landfill.  No one is quite sure where to put it yet.


Wardrobe:  No, you weren’t seeing things.  Reba really changed outfits every 30 minutes at the ACM Awards.


Almost famous:  Michael Ray just announced he’s releasing his second album.  In my opinion, he is one of the most under-ranked artists in the format.  Super talented songwriter, and does a killer live show too.


History:  Today in 1952, a 17-year old Elvis Presley started working at the Lowe’s State Theater in Memphis.  23 years later on the exact same day, he would buy a Convair 880 jet and name it the “Lisa Marie.”


Adorbs:  Chris & Morgane Stapleton share the first picture of their newborn twins.  Huge congratulations to mom and dad.


Today’s podcast:


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