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Elvis Is Running For Congress In Arkansas


OK, not THE Elvis Presley

Because he’d be a zombie that escaped from his Graceland tomb, which would be pretty cool too.  Professional Elvis impersonator who legally changed his name to “Elvis D Presley” just filed papers to run as the Libertarian nominee in one of Arkansas’s House districts.

This isn’t the first time that Elvis D Presley has been in the political arena.  He has also run for Governor, land commissioner, and the Arkansas state Legislature.  The Libertarian Party picks their nominees this weekend and i SO HOPE they pick Elvis D Presley.  First, they might actually win an election for once, and second, I’ll be all over that sweet campaign merchandise!  I’ll stick an “Elvis Presley For Congress” sign in my front yard, forever!

This fine song below was his campaign song during his gubernatorial campaign a few years ago.

Elvis for Congress!

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