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Show Notes From February 21 2018

vintage radio

In case you missed it…

– Stop wondering whatever happened to him.  Eric Paslay just released a new single, and it’s his best yet!

– Just five days into the season, Mississippi State Baseball head coach Andy Cannizaro resigns.

– “How high’s the water, mama?”  The Mississippi River is currently 39 feet high at the Natchez Gage, and rising to flood stage by March 12th.

– Hero Of The Day:  21 year old Mississippi woman pulls paralyzed man from burning car wreck.

– Hero Of The Day #2:  Virginia fifth grader saves buddy’s life with the Heimlich Maneuver.

– People are so addicted to KFC, they’re calling the police because the restaurants are out of chicken.

Viral Video Of The Day:  A way-less cheesy “Lost In Space” reboot is coming to Netflix.


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