Radio Show Notes From February 27 2018

In case you missed it:

Miranda Lambert’s Muttnation Foundation donates nearly $200,000 to animal shelters across America.

Antique collector flips a $20 rummage sale teapot for over $800,000.  Turns out it’s a super important piece of pre-Revolutionary War history

Cold case in Adams County, Mississippi reopened after eight years.

Feel-good story of the day:  Iowa Hawkeye basketball player throws an intentional brick to preserve a 25 year-old school record.  Check out the video below.

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Radio Show Notes From February 26th 2018

In case you missed it:

Live in Natchez, Mississippi?  Take this survey and let the Park And Recreation committee know what you’d like to see accomplished.  New bathrooms at Duncan Park?  A splash pool on the Bluff?  Better access for people with special needs?  Your thoughts and opinions count!

Elvis Presley is running for Congress in Arkansas.  He should run for Governor of Florida instead.

How high’s the water mama?  The National Weather Service has issued Flood Warnings locally for the Mississippi, Red, and Ouachita Rivers.

DVR Alert:

And Happy Birthday to Johnny Cash, born on this date in 1932.  He is one of only a handful of artists to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, the Country Hall Of Fame, and the Gospel Hall Of Fame.

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Show Notes From February 23 2018

In Case You Missed It:

How many selfies a day is too many?  Experts say if you take more than 50 a day, you have a problem called “selfitis.”

am radio tower
Tower selfie at WSM-AM

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle and Yazoo City native Fletcher Cox credits his Mississippi upbringing for his success in football and in life. You sir, just found a new fan.

I’m never quite sure how this starts, but Carrie Underwood & husband Mike Fisher once again have to shoot down some ugly divorce rumors.  Mike throws a mean body check in real life, but online, he responds to the ugliness with love.

One of my new favorite verses because I need this reminder daily!

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Kacey Musgraves announces that she’s releasing a new album on March 30th called Golden Hour.  She has been performing some of the new songs on tour, including this one called “Butterflies.”  If you pre-order her new album now, you instantly get to download two of her new songs.

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